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Dr. Azmi Mohammad

I think that recognition of my work is always gratifying. In medicine, progress depends not only on the discovery of what was formerly unknown, but also on projecting facts that were known but not properly interpreted, and the rational ordering of known but disperse truths into the general scheme of knowledge. In this regard, I cannot deny the merit of Professor Fitzpatrick, who has brought together prestigious dermatologists, such as Professor Lerner (Yale University) and Professor J.J. Nordlund (Cincinnati University), and other Spaniards, such as Professor Robledo Aguilar, Professor Moragas and Professor Alomar, all very interested in vitiligo treatment research. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the support that I have always received from Professor Eduardo Fonseco, my former colleague and now Head of the Dermatology Department of the Juan Canalejo Hospital in La Corunna; and the effort invested by my collaborator, the pharmacist Ana Calderón, whose contributions, together with the results we are obtaining from our patients in different parts of the world, are sufficient repayment for me and encouragement to continue my work and research, in spite of the difficulties that we still meet on our road, not having the same possibilities as our American colleagues.

Dr. Azmi, in the 1995 “Yearbook of Dermatology”, the prestigious American dermatologist, professor Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, recognised you as the fist dermatologist to apply Polypodium Leucotomos to increase the response rate of vitiligo repigmentation. How do you feel when you see how the good results of your treatment give physical and mental help to patients some of whom were already disappointed with the results obtained with other therapies?
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